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信義計劃眼鏡 周年慶 特別活動 designer eyeglasses storage case box container cases boxes containers for handmade frames spectacles Rx prescription reading glasses transitions lenses 頭層牛皮 真皮 眼鏡套 手工眼鏡盒 眼镜套 手工眼镜盒 for father's birthday Father's Day grandpa grandfather's Mother's Day grandma grandmother's birthday

信義計劃眼鏡 周年慶 特別活動 designer eyeglasses storage case box container cases boxes containers for handmade frames spectacles Rx prescription reading glasses transitions lenses 頭層牛皮 真皮 眼鏡套 手工眼鏡盒 眼镜套 手工眼镜盒 for father's birthday Father's Day grandpa grandfather's Mother's Day grandma grandmother's birthday

  • 編號:2501
  • 類別:手工眼鏡-大框
  • 重量:
  • 定價:$1,590
  • 特價:$690
  • 數量:


信義計劃眼鏡   周年慶   頂級臻品  大方送

頂級頭層牛皮 眼鏡盒 皮套


高密度鋼壓的壓光真皮, 挑選無蚊蟲叮咬, 無皮疤的頂級頭層牛皮製造, 淘汰掉90%的皮革, 精挑細選出來的10%極品

很多中老年人從小就看過這樣的皮套, 但當時家貧, 只能眼睜睜望著地方鄉紳富豪使用這樣的皮套, 自己一個也買不起

爺爺或老爸生日, 如果送他這樣一個真皮眼鏡盒, 意義重大, 遠勝過昂貴不實用的禮物或大餐

背面有預留皮帶虛線孔, 有需要者, 可以自行割開虛線, 穿過皮帶使用

內部 深寬高 3.5 X 15.5 X 6 公分, 可放置中等大小眼鏡, (請不要放寬度超過15.2 公分的眼鏡, 以免擠壓).

市價1590元, 我們提供特價690元 (如果有跟我們買眼鏡, 可以600元加價購)

(去誠品書店看看, 材質比我們這款差很多的眼鏡盒, 價格卻比我們這款貴很多)

皮套有黑色, 橘紅色, 深褐色, 和淺棕色四種顏色, 我們儘量挑完美無瑕疵的一個寄出給您, 但吹毛求疵, 連一點皺摺都無法忍受者, 請來面交, 恕無郵寄.

周年慶特別方案: 即日起到11月底

凡在我們台北店現場或者官網購買任何兩支眼鏡, 不限金額, 690元的兒童鏡框或特價鏡框也可以, 除了原先贈送的
1原定價3600至4000元(抗UV抗輻射)1. 56超薄防水多層膜非球面雙抗鏡片. 
2. 光學鏡頭用超細奈米纖維布
3. 價值180元的帆布袋或網狀袋一個 
4. 價值190元的頂級名片鈔票夾(或活動鍍鋅鋼掛勾)(或石頭文鎮)(或鍍鋅鋼書籤)(或鍍鋅鋼全金屬指環扣手機支架) (或不鏽鋼不碎鏡)(或USB隨身LED燈)(或眼鏡鍊) 一件  
5. 還特別以這價值1590元的頂級頭層牛皮眼鏡盒為您包裝其中任選一支眼鏡  

以下原方案 等周年慶結束後  恢復實施

即日起, 在我們信義計劃眼鏡的賣場購買任何一副眼鏡, 可以優惠價600元加購這款真皮皮套眼鏡盒


如在我們官網或者來我們台北總店現場一次購買6副眼鏡, 除了享有減價1200元再免運費的優惠, 還可獲贈不同的周邊商品, 或者獲贈這網頁的頂級真皮眼鏡盒一個.

特別方案: 即日起面交以下品牌 任何兩支(可混合搭配) Dsquared, John Galliano (約翰 加利亞諾), 渡邊徹 (Watanabe Toru), 誂別一秀, Eye like it, Emilio Pucci, ic! berlin, Chrome Hearts, Tiffany, Chanel, Giuliano Fujiwara, Porsche Design, Tag Heuer, Alain Mikli, Tom Ford, Oh My Glasses, For your eyes only (Fyo), Picasso(畢卡索), Oakley, iceberg, Tulip (鬱金香), Royal Queen, Red CETTU(周子瑜), Givenchy 紀梵希(姬存希), Credit, D&G, DG, Jil Sander, Cartier, PRADA, JPG 或者帶親友來買任何品牌不限金額的6支眼鏡, 除了享有特惠價, 帶領者自己不必消費, 就可獲贈這款頂級真皮眼鏡套一個

有需要者, 請當場告知現場工作人員, 否則不便主動贈送, 以免沒用到浪費

老客戶可以6張貴賓卡兌換, 或者以600元加價購.

(這網頁的價格690元是單單眼鏡皮套的價格, 不是眼鏡的價格)

[ ImeMyself Eyewear 信義計劃眼鏡 ] 

tasteful designer's eyeglasses case, box, and container, gift for spectacles, handmade optical prescription frames, or small sunglasses.

high density compressed genuine leather case.  

inside width 15.5 * height 6 * depth 3.5 cm

It's for small or medium sized glasses, not for big sized sunglasses.

The original price is USD; now we offer you the special price USD.

This genuine leather case offers you optional colors black, dark brown, light brown, and orange ruby.

If you want any color, send us a conversation or give us a note. We will ship the right color you want for you.|

If you purchase six pairs of glasses in ImeMyself eyewear Etsy shop at a time, you can get this genuine leather case for free. 

Regular customers coming back to buy five more pairs of glasses can also get one case for free.

6 of our round shape magnet VIP cards collected can be redeemed for one case too.

("I’m serious" questions are always welcome at the Q&A column.)

Buyers can collect our round shape magnet VIP cards and make them redeemed for ImeMyself Eyewear gifts after you have accumulated the VIP cards to a certain number. 

ImeMyself Eyewear free prescription lenses coupons to give away. (1.56  anti-uv anti-radiation multi-coated non spherical surface lenses, thinner and lighter than the traditional ones)

If you come to visit our eyewear base near MRT Taipei city hall station and buy any pair of prescription frame at whatever price, you can get one free lenses coupon. The more you buy; the even more you get.

Even if you just buy one pair of frame at the low price of 600 TWD ( 19 USD ), you can still get the coupon valued up to 4000 TWD ( 116 to 129 USD )

(“I’m serious” questions are welcome at the Q&A column)

Anyone buying from us is guaranteed that we will send the glasses or the goods on the way to you the day the payment is confirmed.

More than 8000 models of frames and sunglasses are now available in our studio. Welcome to our website alex2000tw dot tw for more glasses to search or buy. ( Use Google to search ImeMyself Eyewear or 信義計劃眼鏡, you’ll find our website. ) You’re always welcome to try them on.

Foreign buyers can purchase in our website through PayPal now.     TWD : USD ( about 1:31 )  TWD : Eur ( about 1:36 )

Step 1: Select Google language at the up right corner of the home page.
Step 2: Sign up or login as a member- - just beside the Google language option icon.
Step 3: Search at the left window the product you want by entering key words.
Step 4: put the items you want into the shopping cart.
Step 5: Click the shopping cart icon at the up right corner of the home page- - just beside the Google language option icon.
Step 6: Confirm your contact information to make sure the package will reach you without delay. 
Step 7: Select the shipping method as registered airmail (hanging limit).
Step 8: Select the payment method as PayPal, and then finish the payment.


As soon as the payment is confirmed, we will ship the authentic glasses on the way to you right on the day you pay.

We are law-abiding and trustworthy; you will receive authentic, brand new, and original glasses for sure.

We will offer you the tracking number, the package content photos, and the inquiring website after the shipment.

If you ever come to Taipei, rain or shine, 365 days round the year, you are always welcome to drop by our eyewear shop near the 101 skyscraper to try our 8000 styles of unique, eye opening, and amazing glasses. (We're open 12:30 to 7:30 PM.)

Take the taxi or take the MRT. Out of the MRT Taipei city hall station exit 4, take no turns and walk directly along Zhongxiao E. Rd. about 50 meters. Then turn left to Ln. 215 when you see a kindergarten named Ching-phon (慶豐). Our shop is on the right side of the lane, just next to a beef noodle restaurant and a lottery shop. Walk in a canopy and push the black ring bell on the left. We are on the second floor. If you can't find us, just call and we will send one assistant to guide you. (You can also ask any pedestrian or passer-by to get help.)

The parking lot is just beside our building. 15 TWD or 0.48 USD / half an hour

Call +886910074595 or visit us at 2F.-3, No.23, Ln. 215, Sec. 5, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan